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Volunteer Opportunities

The Alaska Day Committee can always use the help of volunteers for the various festival events and activities.

Volunteer Opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Merchandise Sales

  • Ticket Sales

  • Transfer Ceremony Participant

  • Keystone Kop

  • Alaska Day Ball

  • Variety Show


Steve Dalquist is enlisting men for the Sitka Ninth Infantry. This is a group used in the re-enactment ceremony that portrays the American forces of 1867 that marched through the streets of New Archangel and up to the governor's mansion on Castle Hill for the October 18th historic transfer from Russia to the United States.

If you have an interest in post-Civil War history, enjoy black powder weapons, or just want to participate in a little historical role playing fill out the form below.


On the other side of the fence, the Russian Naval Unit is also looking for recruits to march to Castle Hill for the transfer ceremony, where they will lower the Russian flag. 

For more info on joining the Russian Naval Unit fill out the form below.

For both the Ninth and the Russian Naval Unit, costume and weapon assistance and loans are available.

Volunteer with Us

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