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Alaska Day Festival | Oct 11, 2022, 12:00 PM – Oct 18, 2022, 11:50 PM Sitka, AK, USA


  • Keystone Kop Swearing In Ceremony

    Pioneer Home Lawn

  • Seattle Pipes & Drums Arrive


  • Sitka Historical Society Annual Meeting

    Centennial Hall

  • 6th Annual BBQ Brisket Cook-off Contest

    Centennial Hall

  • Swap Meet & Vendor Sale

    Centennial Hall

  • Army Band Performance

    Crescent Net Shelter

  • Brew Cruise

    Crescent Harbor Dock

  • New Archangel Dancers

    Centennial Hall

  • Army Band Concert

    Performing Art Center

  • Historical Society Speaker Series

    Centennial Hall

  • Alaska Day Ball

    Centennial Hall

  • Military Memorial Service

    Sitka National Cemetery

  • Fire Hall Open House

    Sitka Fire Hall

  • Sitka Lutheran Church Pie Sale

    Lutheran Church

  • Lutheran Church Quilt Sale

    Lutheran Church

  • Alaska Day Parade


  • Transfer Ceremony

    Castle Hill

  • Sitka Pioneer's Tea Party

    Pioneer's Home

  • Air-Sea Rescue Demonstration

    Under O'Connell Bridge

  • Pioneer Bar Auction

    Pioneer Bar
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